Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby Cow

This afternoon Ben and I turned the corner from our building, on the way to eat lunch, and encountered a sacred cow and newly born calf. The calf was standing, but the holy mother was still licking it clean, and the afterbirth remained dangling. It was fascinating. I forgot myself and got too close. The big cow lunged at me, protective mammal style.

Lee had seen the two shortly before, while before the little one stood up. Someone got too close and the mother butted him.

Later, Wendy saw a man carrying the calf wrapped in burlap and calling for the mother to follow. I'm sure he was leading the two to a safe place.

These cows are everywhere, strolling across busy streets, walking along sidewalks and through the park, mostly occupied by eating garbage. Legend has it buses won't alter their course for humans, cars or rickshaws, but they will brake and swerve for cows. We considered making two cow costumes, standard two people per costume, so we could make safe passage across these absurd streets.

The cow shown above is not the birth mother, but another cow browsing a sweet shop.

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  1. Crayon,
    Thanks for taking the time to record your activities. Here in Nebraska, we're having a mid-winter thaw -- temps reaching 60s, turning ice and snow into water that resumes iciness overnight. Early yesterday morning I went for a jog and before I got half a block my heels flew out in front of me and I went splat. So today (Saturday) I went for a full-daylight run over the Kerrey pedestrian bridge and down the Iowa trail that goes through a casino's property. That's a clash of worlds: Wholesome bikers and hikers passing through the gambler's furtive domain.
    Thanks for the tip on the New Yorker archive. At such a low price I can't afford to pass it up.
    Keep posting!