Monday, March 2, 2009

the Invention of India

Yes, Dr. Seuss invented India. The grinch seems to have had a strong influence: I saw some guys sleeping on the platforms of their food carts last night. This on a street where we saw lots of rats cleaning up after the vendors. The guys on the carts were better off than the guys sleeping on concrete a few feet away. Across the street we found a low dive with music. The band backed a series of profoundly disinterested female vocalists who would disappear from the room after a message was placed on her music stand. We figured it out: working girls. Very creepy place. No photos allowed. Good musicians. Two of us got very sick the next day. Something bad in the drinks or the snacks. Dr. Seuss! And Ben played a dj show last night in a club called The Underground in our hotel complex. He's probably going to play there again on Wednesday. We're in Kolkata.

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