Sunday, April 26, 2009

113 degrees, Life on Mars

Yes, it's boring to talk about the weather. But it was over 110 where we spent the day yesterday, and the town, Surendernagar, wouldn't hold too much charm at 72. But Surendernagar, which would fall top center on this old map of Gujarat, has a good enough hotel and places to eat. Wendy stayed there while she was working with the weaver in the nearby village of Somasar. Somasar has two pop stands and three betel nut stores for facilities. Pleasant place, though. The citizens of the town find foreigners unusual. Ben and I went for a walk there yesterday, and halfway up a silent block a dozen kids surrounded us. A young water buffalo, apparently not accustomed to strangers, took a look at us, turned and ran. We come in peace. It fell just short of having to explain what it is like to live on Mars. Oh, and Wendy completed her research yesterday. Endless delays and irritations, and she made it. Hurray!

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