Tuesday, September 24, 2013

They left the lights on when they swam out of the front door

Baroda is flooding. Rain has fallen almost non-stop for five days now. Last night we went out for supplies of food and drinking water. Mohit, a friend,  drove us. Supply mission accomplished, we went a few blocks out of our way to get to the river bridge. The Vishawamitri was huge, and flowed into houses that still had their lights on.

Marsh crocodiles, or muggers, live in the Vishawamitri basin. It's a seasonal river, but it certainly has water in it now. I wonder if the muggers come to town with the water. I would love to see one. They grow to the 14 foot range, and are not particularly aggressive toward humans.  No plans to go wading, as there are other problems with the floodwater. 

Friends tell us this is a bad time to eat in restaurants. Floodwater, which makes a savory stew out of the variety of excrements in the street, may leach into the municipal water system.  I doubt they're washing dishes in boiled and filtered water back there.

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