Saturday, September 14, 2013


 I'm in Baroda, Gujarat, looking for an apartment with a four month lease. I've been asking people I knew on the street four years ago to help with this, and they have helped. Marshal, who owns Honey Electric, an electrical parts and repair shop, took me to see a place his neighbor had for rent. Too small and too close to the river and mosquitos. Gaffar, who closed his investment service when the economy stumbled and now runs a bootleg dvd, cd, and bling store on the street, put me in touch with Rajah, a real estate agent. I mentioned I was looking for a place and Rajah walked up. I believe Rajah's scooter is his office, but he used a minion to take me on another scooter to look at an apartment. Most interesting to me is how these connections work. I don't understand the fine points, of course, put I do know that they are local and personal, as well as part of doing business. The lines between roles don't constrict the humans in the roles too much. Things get done. People look out for each other. I like it.
That's Honey Electric behind the glitter bomb.

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  1. Glad to see you have rekindled the blog. Good luck finding a good place. Can't wait to hear what else you find.