Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The deal revealed

I hand over full payment for four month's rent and deposit to Mr. Shabbir Barodawalla, my landlord and a genuinely good guy. Like shoes, bills don't come in large sizes here.

How the deal turned:
Now I know that our more acceptable broker four years ago, Krunal, overcharged us by not taking a fee proportional to the lease length, and charging as if the lease was for eleven months. Who knew?Rajah offered the same; I accepted. It turns out the minion was the connection to Mr. Barodawalla, the owner of the property. Rajah happened to be in the right place. The minion was not a minion and Rajah was simply the vector of connection. I have no idea how they split the money, but they got more from me than they should have. My fault. That said, the flat we rented is great. It came with a Sony monitor attached to the wall. I don't have to buy one to work with video. There's a month's rent. 

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